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Sunday, May 24, 2009

2nd place for the TripSailor Team at the Adriatic Sailing Week

Adriatic Sailing Week Team TripSailor
Adriatic Sailing Week
The Adriatic Sailing Week 2009 took place in Murter, Croatia from May 9th to 16th. TripSailor was eager to join this exclusive event. The crew with it's members Sabine, Daniel, Michael and Ralph was skippered by Christian Kargl. After the first day it was clear, that the TripSailor team was among the favorites to win the 4 day race.

It all came down to the final day as everyone had an exciting race with strong winds. "Bolero" of the TripSailor team ended up in a very close 1st place for the regatta with "Tango" skippered by André Reich on the 2nd place. "Our results have come from hard practice" noted Christian Kargl, Captain on "Bolero". "We had a great practice day back in Kremik the day before the race started. Michael turned out to be the best spinaker trimmer in the med.

At the end of the regatta after the completion of 6 races it was "Tango" skippered by André Reich from Germany who won the class. "It was some of the most exciting racing I've been involved in in a long time", stated Jürgen, a member of the crew. "The final race between Christian Kargl and the "TripSailor Team" team and ourselves was great. We're looking forward to challenge you next year again".


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