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Monday, July 21, 2008

Public TripSailor API

We’re so excited to now have an API where you can create fun stuff with TripSailor.
Right now we support the MetaWeblog API. This means you can post and edit your blog entries as well as upload photos to your blog.
For non-developers, this means you can use any blogging tool such as

Now you can use tools like Ecto or Marsedit to write blog posts while you're not connected to the internet and post them to your blog as soon as you get into the range of the next WIFI.

Since most of that tools do not support location information. You can just add it to your text in one of the following formats:

  • -23.37 / -12.559

  • 23,22.12S 012,33.34W

  • 23°22.12S 012°33.34W

  • 02322S01233W

Adding information in one of these formats will keep the map of your blog up2date.

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