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Sunday, May 25, 2008

supporting SPOT. the worlds first satellite messenger

Spot Satellite Messenger with GPS TrackingSPOT is the only device of its kind, using the GPS satellite network to acquire its coordinates, and then sending its location via a commercial satellite network. Adventure West Coast Editor Steve Casimiro has posted an excellent review of SPOT at the National Geographic Adventure Blog.

TripSailor sailing blogs support this device allowing your friends and family to track your progress while offshore. And because it uses 100% satellite technology, SPOT works around the world – even where cell phones don't.

Please check out our help page on howto setup the SPOT satellite messenger for TripSailor.


We've created a group for the SPOT satellite messenger to discuss experiences with SPOT and sailing.


DPal97 said...

The SPOT gadget has some interesting features, but for the price, I'd get an EPIRB. Its actually cheaper over the 5 year span. $300 for the unit and activation, plus another $150 each year. Thats about $900 bucks over 5 years. EPIRBs are more reliable and we all know they work.
Check out this video on youtube about SPOT, its pretty helpful. said...

You can't do position reporting with an EPIRB. Personally, I wouldn't have a SPOT instead of an EPIRB - Money really isn't such a big deal when you're in the middle of nowhere in a liferaft... I have both.

Darryl said...

The comment spam from "dpal97" was likely posted by a (not very bright) employee of ACR Electronics, who manufacture the EPIRBs advertised in the YouTube Video. A “DaveP” posted a similar comment on my blog from an IP address that resolves to And "DaveP" and "dpal97" have been busy spamming other blogs with the same link to YouTube.

See And if people so obviously spam my blog I’ll help hunt down them spamming others. Whoever it is seems to be running around posting comments on other blogs/sites including this one. (Google the YouTube link he posted to find them).

So “dpal97” or "daveP" or whoever you are do you want to disclose who you work for and whether you are spamming blogs that mention the SPOT messenger on behalf of ACR Electronics?

Darryl Ramm
Redwood City, CA
(a happy SPOT *and* McMurdo PLB user)